The Writing Workshop

“Ugh, writing.”
“I don’t have time to write.”
“I do better writing when I’m inspired.”
“Get it 80% of the way there, and the reviewers can clean it up.”
“Good data speak for themselves – I am a scientist, not a freaking novelist!”

These are the lies that we tell ourselves. Let’s stop.

Bring your laptop, your favourite notebook and pens, or both, and we will take a tour of the research on academic writing. We will talk about concrete strategies for being productive, writing a lot, and writing well.

Maryanne Garry is Professor of Psychology at the University of Waikato, and researcher in the Institute for Security and Crime Science.

Rachel Zajac is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Otago.

Maryanne and Rachel are both award-winning teachers, seasoned grant-writers, and often called on to translate complex psychological science into material that practitioners can actually use. What’s more, they both love words. They love putting words together in exciting ways—whether that means varying the arc of a paragraph, giving cadence to a sentence, or simply consigning the misunderstood semicolon to its rightful place.

Maryanne and Rachel have a long history of writing together. This process largely involves the latter telling the former that writing one good sentence does not warrant taking the afternoon off.