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Faces: Individual Differences
Chair: Emma Axelsson

Chai: David Carmel

Reading 2
Chair: Aaron Veldre


Broader object recognition is normal in developmental prosopagnosia
Godfrey, H.K.

Memories and dreams of a blind mind: The cognitive impact of visual imagery deficits in Aphantasia
Dawes, A.*

The Written-Order of Strokes Influences Chinese Character Identification: Evidence from A Variant of RSVP Task
Yu, L.


Individual Differences in Serial Dependence of Facial Identity Contribute to Variation in Face Recognition Abilities
Turbett, K.*

Top-down signals of a huntsman spider on a rubber hand do not dampen subsequent bottom-up signals from inducing a rubber-hand illusion.
Chouinard, P.A.

Orthographic learning in Chinese: a role for semantic decoding?
Li, L.*


Let’s split hairs: Examination of face learning strategies in developmental prosopagnosia
Reedy, M.*

What limits visual awareness in the context of hand and tool interactions? – An investigation using the continuous flash suppression paradigm
Zopf, R.

What do Artificial Orthography Learning tasks actually measure?
Schmalz, X.


Facial expression recognition difficulty in the autism phenotype reflects both alexithymia and perceptual differences
Bothe, E.*

Holistic Processing of Conscious and Unconscious Face
Jin, H.*

Orthographic skeletons: What form do they take?
Wegener, S.*


Morning tea & Business meeting


Face Recognition
Chair: William Hayward

Attention: Real World Contexts
Chair: Sam Charlton

Decision-Making 2
Chair: Dora Matzke


Recognition for Pairs of Unfamiliar Faces and Recall of Ethnicity and Gender Information
Jones, T. C.

Inattentional blindness to medically-relevant stimuli in radiologists
Williams, L. H.*

Inhibiting Responses to Difficult Choices
Matzke, D.


Deciding you don’t know in face recognition memory.
Heathcote, A.

Visual exploration and attentional control in pedestrian safety
Miellet, S.

The dynamics of decision making during goal pursuit
Ballard, T.


Strong role for image information in axis and view dependent face recognition: evidence from a same view task
Favelle, S.

What are you looking at? How learner drivers scan their visual environment while driving
Wynne, R. A.*

Exploring for the sake of it: Directed exploration with minimal feedback.
Walker, A.R.*


Why is Jared Leto more refined than Tom Cruise? The role of stability in developing parsimonious facial representations
Devue, C.

Rest in peace: Effects of roadside memorials on drivers’ risk perception and eye movements
Beanland, V.

What’s Lagging in our Understanding of Interruptions?: Effects of Interruption Lags in Sequential Decision-Making
Sloane, J.*


Decomposing the composite effect in face perception
Hayward, W. G.

Schemas in motion
Charlton, S. G.

Learning outcome sequences under uncertainty
Szollosi, A.*


Lunch & Announcement of Student Awards


Conference Dinner @ Mac’s Brewery & Function Centre