Forum Meeting – Program

Emerging research in cognition, emotion, and motivation

Room RHLT003, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Wednesday, 24th April 2019, 3-6 pm

Presentations: 10 minutes talk + 10 minutes discussion


3:00 pm



3:05 pm


Session 1

·         When computer-generated (CG) faces behave in unreal ways we get unreal answers: The value of seeking convergent evidence from naturalistic facial behaviour (Dawel, Easton, Dietrich, Rippon & Yook)

·         Disgust: A ‘sticky’ emotion (Moeck & Takarangi)

·         Proactive control of temporal and spatial emotional distraction (Walsh, Zhao, Grimshaw & Most)

·         Emotion captures attentional scale (Goodhew & Edwards)


4:25 pm



4:35 pm


Session 2

·         Retractions of negative misinformation are effective in depressive rumination (Chang & Ecker)

·         Emotion attention deficits as precursor markers for affective psychopathy traits: A promising treatment target for early intervention (Krynen, Kimonis, Kidd, Most & Richmond)

·         Attentional bias for food cues and the role of current desire (Watson, Pearson, Vasudevan, Most & Le Pelley)

·         Effects of attention bias modification toward healthy food in females: Results of a randomised controlled trial (Rune & Mulgrew)


5:55 pm




Amy Dawel (ANU, Canberra)

Ella Moeck (Flinders University, Adelaide)

Amy Walsh (Victoria University of Wellington)

Stephanie Goodhew (ANU, Canberra)

Ee Pin Chang (UWA, Perth)

Ariana Krynen (UNSW Sydney)

Poppy Watson (UNSW Sydney)

Karine Rune (University of Sunshine Coast)