Variable pulses in TMS Research

Roch Comeau, Rogue Research

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been an indispensable tool for studying the human brain for over twenty years. While its use has grown steadily in this time and has expanded into clinical use for the treatment of depression for example, the device itself has not changed much in these twenty years. More recently, a new generation of TMS device known as controllable TMS, or cTMS, has been introduced to provide the ability to manipulate additional parameters that are thought to have an important impact in how the magnetic pulses interact with the neurons and modulate neuronal circuits as a whole. This talk will review the fundamentals of TMS and cTMS and give examples of how cTMS is used to explore fundamentals of how neurons interact and how cTMS can be used to excite or inhibit neuronal circuits. A review of neuronavigation and how cTMS combined with cTMS provide a powerful tool for neuroscience research.